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Get the Heck Into Dodge!
Newly Adopted Ordinances

Ordinance No. 3600:  An Ordinance granting to United Wireless Communications, Inc., a Contract Franchise to construct, operate, and maintain a Telecommunications System in the City of Dodge City, KS.

Ordinance No. 3601:  An Ordinance Annexing to the City of Dodge City the described property, in accordance with K.S.A. 12-520 ET. SEQ; and providing for the zoning thereof. 

Ordinance No. 3602:  An Ordinance authorizing and providing for the issuance of Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2015, of the City of Dodge City, Kansas, for the purpose of providing funds to pay a portion of the costs of constructing and equipping certain public facilities and projects; making certain covenants and agreements to provide for the payment and security thereof and authorizing certain other documents and actions in connection therewith.

Ordinance No. 3603:  An Ordinance establishing an Arts in Public Places Advisory Committee and providing procedures for funding, governing, appropriations and expenditures for a Public Art Program for Dodge City, Kansas.

Ordinance No. 3604:  An Ordinance Vacating the West Half of a Utility Easement Between 702 and 704 27th Avenue.

Ordinance No. 3605:  An Ordinance Adopting a Star Bond Project Plan and Approving a relocation Assistance Plan (Heritage Area).

Ordinance No. 3606:  An Ordinance Establishing "No Parking" along the North and South sides of Trail Street from 14th Avenue to 2nd Avenue outside of the designated parking areas and providing penalties for violation of the provisions of the Ordinance.

Ordinance No. 3607:  An Ordinance Vacating Vine Street Right-of-Way Between 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue.

Ordinance No. 3608:  An Ordinance Designating Dodge City Days as a Special Event in the City of Dodge City, Kansas.