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STAR Bonds Project
STAR Bonds - Dodge City Heritage District

The Dodge City STAR Bond Project Plan for the Heritage District is now a reality and ready for development.  The Heritage District contains approximately 166 acres in historic downtown Dodge City and is anchored by the Boot Hill Museum and Front Street located north of Wyatt Earp Blvd., but also includes an existing Ford automotive dealership and exciting redevelopment opportunities south of Wyatt Ear Blvd. and west of 2nd Ave. in and around Wright Park. 

The centerpiece of the Heritage District project is a renovation and expansion of the Boot Hill Museum.  Anchored by a replica of the original Front Street, circa 1872, the Boot Hill Museum highlights not only the importance of Dodge City as a trading post and transport hub, but identifies the luminaries and scoundrels that called it their home.  Such compelling residents as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and Bat Masterson not only made history, but contributed to the mystique of our western heritage.  The  Heritage District project will provide much-needed reinvestment and revitalization of this iconic museum.

The development opportunities included in the STAR Bond Heritage District Plan include: family-oriented/tourism attractions; a themed, regional water park/aquatic center; soccer field; new, limited-service hotel; new recreational vehicle (RV) park; and a new restaurant and banquet space which would be located in the historic Guymon Petro building.

The project plan also contemplates the expansion and improvement of the existing Lewis Ford Automotive Dealership, new signage, an iconic entry feature and other upgrades and improvements to the visitor experience in historic downtown Dodge City.

Dodge City is excited to begin the adventure in 2015 of creating a Heritage District that will revitalize the face of Historic Downtown.

More Information About STAR Bonds
Sales Tax Revenue (STAR) Bonds provide Kansas municipalities the opportunity to issue bonds to finance the development of major commercial, entertainment and tourism areas and use the sales tax revenue generated by the development to pay off the bonds.