Neighborhood Watch

Dodge City Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a network of neighbors trained by crime prevention officers in home and self-protection, suspect identification and how to serve effectively as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in their community.

Neighborhood Watch works effectively at the block level because people can easily see, recognize and cooperate. They can see and hear what activity is taking place across the street, next door or at the property to the rear. They can most likely recognize persons or vehicles as belonging to or not belonging in the neighborhood.

Neighbors can let each other know when they will be away for the day, evening, weekend, or on vacation, and thereby establish a targeted watch during absence. For extended periods of absence, neighbors can take turns making sure the absent neighbor's home does not gradually take on the signs of an unoccupied dwelling. The residents in a block know better than anyone else what is usual or unusual, normal or suspicious. Therefore, they are the most effective source to provide authorities with helpful information.