Trails and Walking Paths

Dodge City has a variety of trails and walking paths available for all to enjoy. The Gunsmoke Trail is the primary trail that will eventually connect Dodge City all the way from Legends Park on the north to Wright Park on the south.  The Gunsmoke Trail is a 4.25 mile linear trail with trail heads at St. Mary Complex, Legends Park, Spiers Park and Chilton Park.  The 10 ft. wide dual use trail was first started in 2006 and runs from St. Mary Complex along Highway 50 to 14th Ave., down 14th to Spiers Park and then winding through Spiers and Chilton Park.  At 6th Ave. another segment runs north from Highway 50 to Legends Park.

Other trails include the ITC Trail at Thurow Park and a closed loop trail at Beeson Arboretum. 
The ITC Trail is an .8 mile circuit around the perimeter of the park.  The Beeson trail is a .3 mile closed loop circuit in the park.  

All trails are paved and open year round. 

From Spiers Park compressed

For more information on the City's Trail Master Plan, please click here.