Maple Grove History

Like the City it serves, Maple Grove has a long and colorful history. When Dodge City was first founded, its residents performed burials in the Fort Dodge Cemetery in its present location. In 1878, a group of local businessmen purchased a five acre tract of land south of what is now Comanche between Avenues A and C to establish a cemetery known as Prairie Grove. This cemetery was closed in 1887, and the deceased along with those from the original Boot Hill cemetery were moved to Maple Grove which was established in 1889.

Many famous people are buried in Maple Grove including George Hoover, the founder of Dodge City, and Dora Hand, the only woman buried in Boot Hill.

Additional space was added to the cemetery in 1994, when the City took over the private Greencrest Memorial Gardens located on the west side of Matt Down Lane in 1994. That section is now referred to as Maple Grove West.