St. Mary's Soccer Complex

St. Mary Soccer Complex

Dodge City can now boast in having a top notch soccer complex with great fields, expansive parking and multiple amenities all wrapped into an aesthetically appealing site.

Complex Features

The Complex has evolved to meet the growing needs of spectators and participants. The facility now offers:
  • Six full size game pads;
  • Three junior sized fields;
  • Parking for more than 500 cars;
  • Restrooms and concessions;
  • A playground and other site amenities.

Why Not Dodge!

Complex improvements have been funded mostly by the "Why Not Dodge" sales tax. A first phase of the complex was completed in 2000 at a cost of just over $500,000 and included the championship field, restroom / concession facility and minor parking improvements.

A second phase completed in 2008 saw the addition of three more full size fields, three junior fields and major parking and traffic way improvements at a cost of 1.2 million.

Additional Information

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