City Clerk and Finance

City Clerk Office

This department is responsible for all accounting and city clerk functions.



Services this office provides are:

  • Financial reports
  • Budget
  • Payroll
  • Long-term debt
  • Official records
  • City Commission Minutes
  • City Ordinances, Resolutions and Contracts
  • License / Permits

Related Documents

City Clerk provides for official record keeping of all city files, provides licensing and permit processing for the various licenses and permits issued by the city. Maintains the City Code. Provides legal advertising and arranges for publication of all ordinances, resolutions, public hearings, notices and other legally required documents. Keep complete and accurate records of City Commission proceedings and maintains official files.

Finance provides administrative support, accounting and financial record keeping for all city departments. Provides collection of accounts receivable and other revenues for the city as well as record keeping for the payment of all bills and purchases for the city operations and payroll. Provides financial estimates for all municipal operations, prepares the budget and monitors all operations with regard to internal control. Provides for coordination of the annual audit. Manages and prepares long-term debt.